Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zipper Flowers

Oh what fun I am having growing my own zipper flowers!

I got a shoebox full of metal zippers from the 40s - 60s at a garage sale for $.75.  Dozens of them were pale pastel colors of the era and still in the packaging.  Perfect!

Several of the instructions posted on other people's blogs suggested that you gather the zipper with a basting stitch and sew the petals.  I made the one above with that method.  

But really, that was simply too slow and tedious.  The versions below were made with my trusty glue gun.  The petals are assembled on a circle of felt.  I cut a slit in another circle and slipped in the pin back.  Then I simply glued the two circles together to get a nice clean finish.

I wore the red scarf to my company  Christmas part and slipped a few more of these into my purse to give away if anyone liked it.  I ran out way too fast with my little Santa gifts.  Time to go hunt for more metal zippers.  (Tip: the plastic zippers just don't cut it.  The beauty is all in the contrast of the metal with the fabric)


  1. Stopping by from Nifty Thrifty Sunday...

    Those are seriously cool! I'm jealous of your yard sale score, and I'm jealous of these awesome zippers! Love them! And I really like the flower on the red scarf.

  2. How COOL!! I can't believe that I had a HUGE bag full of unopened vintage zippers (200+) and gave them to a thrift store when I was getting ready to move! Think of all the flowers I could have made! LOL!