Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beaded Cuff

FINALLY!  A year later, the cuff is now done.  

I posted pictures of this project a year ago here, thinking that I was close to having it done.   

I put time in it now and then, but it's been sitting on my workbench for quite a while.

Whew.  Glad it's done.

Original Post: January 7, 2012

My first beaded cuff is almost done. Thought I'd show off a few work in progress pictures.  I think it's going to be beautiful.

I used Lacey Stiff and colored it with a brown sharpie so if by any chance you could see through the beadwork.

I used E6000 to secure the cabachon's.  
In the middle is a jasper one that I bought at bead and button a few years ago.

The other cabochons are simply natural stones.  I free-formed the design as I stitched the beads onto the Lacey Stiff using silk thread.  Yep. ONE AT A TIME.

I will glue suede on the back side of the cuff that is showing in the upper left of the above picture.  Then I'll glue on the beaded cuff and stitch the two together with some sort of fancy beadwork.
That's the plan anyway.  Hope it works!

Fireplace Vent Cover to Keep out Draft

Winter is in full swing in Minnesota
and cold drafts of air can seep into the house if everything isn't sealed up tight. 

Our fireplace has an intake grate on the bottom that leads out to the three season porch on the otherside. We've been blocking out the drafts by tossing throw pillows in front during the winter since we moved in six years ago!

I dusted off my "haven't used in forever" wood working skills 
and made my industrial arts/shop teacher  proud.  
I think maybe he would give this project an "A".

Yes I used my center island as a worktop.  Garage was just too cold.

I even lined the back with some leftover insulation!  That was the hubby's idea.

Pillows no more.  
Next task....spray the doors.  Looks like they've gotten a bit worn looking.