Saturday, April 27, 2013

Garage Sale Chronicles 2013 - First one of the year

The weather in Minnesota has FINALLY changed and it got over 70 degrees today.  There was snow on the ground this time last week!  What a difference.  Of course, with the warm weather comes GARAGE SALES!  YES.  

Sam got a new night light for his bedroom. The thing stands a couple of feet tall!

One of my little nieces is going to be very happy with these doll shoes and, OMG, the red glasses are to die for.

Yep.  All these are Radio Flyers.  
This picture makes them look small but they would be perfect for the American Girl 18" size.

A Grumbacher paper making set and a ton of flower and sprinkle inclusions.  I haven't made paper in 10 years, but I might have to make some again soon.  My father made me a terrific hydraulic press years ago that is in storage.   Time to get it out. 

Who can resist a set of Japanese bobble heads?  These were $.25 a piece and stand about 8" tall.  They look perfect in the studio.

Oh, yes.  Some more beautiful vintage linens for my stash!  The pineapple tablecloth is labelled California Hand Prints and in perfect condition.  
Bought that one for $.75 and they run about $40 on ebay!