Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re-purposed China Pin Cushions

I can't get enough pin cushions.  At garage sales I buy pin cushions every time I see them.  I have a beautiful collection that includes figurines, shoes, sterling tins. And, while I have a dozen vintage red tomato pin cushions in all different sizes, I buy another when I see it to add to the collection.  To me, vintage pin cushions are rich in history and the memories of the woman who owned them.  Each one represents the dreams and potential of  beautiful things or simple the practicalities of day to day mending and sensible clothes.

The pictured pin cushions are made from repurposing old china.  Simply cut a circle from fabric, stuff it with batting, and use a rubber band to close up the ball.  Tuck it into an old sugar or creamer and add a few extra buttons or ribbon.  And that's it. An almost instant pin cushion.

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