Friday, December 30, 2011

Bead Weaving - Twisted Bracelet

I was wearing this bracelet today and I realized I haven't shared some of my beading projects.  
So I thought I would show off this one.

This bracelet pattern is from Bead and Button Magazine, April 2010.  The designer is Jimmie Boatright and it is a combo of Brick Stitch/Twisted Tubular Herringbone stitch.

I used a beautiful vintage crystal button as the clasp.

I think I made it last year and it is definitely one of my go to bracelets.  It is very comfortable to wear.


  1. Love this bracelet I have the directions, and want to try it this coming week.Where did you get the button? It goes nicely with this bracelet.Any tips, or things you did different on this bracelet? I am not an expert jewelry maker. I see you used a larger size seed bead to border the cube beads than the instructions called for.I actually thought this was made with size 8 seed beads, but when I read directions I see they used 3 color of 11/0 for the twisted strands, it appears they used 11/- to border the cube beads, yours look bigger.Well any tips will be appreciated, Thanks Ginette

  2. It is beautiful! Thanks so much for the credit to me as the designer! The vintage crystal button is a winner. You did a great job!