Friday, April 13, 2012

My Vintage Sewing Room

My son outgrew his need for a "toy room" and I recently claimed it for my new sewing room.  My studio has no room in it for sewing machines and ironing boards and fabric that should be kept clean!

A few estate sale finds.  I just have to face it, I would rather buy vintage hands down over something new.  There is just something about the manufactured quality and the feel of history that makes me feel cozy and comfy.

This was my husband's grandmother's sewing machine, Emma Weiske.  It must have been so expensive when she bought it, as it has all the bells and whistles including a number of attachments.

The woman's portrait must be some sort of calendar print of the times.  I just love the tone of skin.  My mom contributed the children's sewing machine from her plentiful garage sale finds.  I guess I got my love of vintage from her.

My sewing table and framed collection of needle books.  Love this space.

I have no idea what possesses me to buy these yoyo dolls, but aren't they just a hoot?  The one of the right  has a disgusted look at the goofiness of the one on the left.  Looks so judgmental, doesn't it?

A length of tatting found in an antique store adorns my miniature mannequin.

An antique store find of his adorable donkey sewing notions holder.

A shadow box of vintage notions.  I need to find a new shadow box that has bigger openings.  I think I'm going to decorate the back of the squares with vintage patterns and paper.

A cozy chair for tatting and knitting.  Great light.

I'll post pictures of my needle book collection in another post so you can get a more close up look!


  1. love tyhe collection all put together! I have lots of older pieces too but most are tucked away...
    I'm feeling a bit of redecorating coming on!

  2. I love your collection! I had one of those yo yo dolls when I was a kid that my mum made!
    I have just been decorating my sewing room too!

  3. I love your needle book collection! I collect them, too. I saw that you have a Red Owl store one! So do I? Did your town have a Red Owl grocery store when you were younger? Mine did. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.