Friday, April 20, 2012

My Needle Book Collection

I've been collecting needle books for over 20 years and they look terrific framed and hanging in my sewing room.  
  A lot of needle books were early advertising for the latest tonic, particular store, or specific brand of needles.  Sometimes they are very plain, but I have always been attracted to the ones with image graphics.

I believe all of my collection is American, but I know there were Germain, British, and Japanese ones made as well.  
I've picked mine up at estate sales and an occasional one or two off Ebay, but I don't think I've paid over $5.00 for any given one.

I think it is really fun to see the same graphic content used over the years with the women illustrated  getting a fashion update each decade or so.

The insides are interesting and wonderful in their own way.  Usually they contain little foil packets of needles and occasionally a threader.  Sometimes the graphics are just as wonderful on the inside. 
I framed this one to show the inside of one that was complete and simply beautiful.

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