Saturday, April 7, 2012

Garage Sales Chronicles #7

I walked through the garage door of an estate sale, turned my head to the right, saw this metal drawer system sitting on the workbench and said "I'll take it!"  Just like that, it was MINE!  
Cost?  $20.00.  Love it!

I thought about painting it the same red as my other drawer systems in my studio, but decided that this copper color was just perfect as it was.  

I cut up a free Minnesota map to use for labels and installed it on my worktable.  Ah...18 more drawers to fill.

My new tatting thread holder.
It was filled with sewing thread on old wooden spools.  

Two beautiful white pitchers, a 1950's How to Sew hardcover, a amber apothecary jar, some beautiful scissors (one hand forged in Minneapolis), 5 men's lapel pins with Burt's pins 1891 handwritten on the card, an old watch (one that will soon be added to my watchface bracelet) a box of buttons, and two skeleton keys.  All for around $10.00.

Ah, a box of buttons....who can resist?  I pawed through it when I got home and sorted out some of the more interesting buttons and put them into the amber apothecary jar.  I found the teeniest, tiny plastic elephant button that couldn't have been more than a quarter of an inch.  What do you suppose that came off of?

In addition to at above items I bought an arm load of old embroidered vintage linens.  


  1. Hey girl, just checking out your site from FJI: Sat Night Special and would like to follow you, put don't know how to do the post of your gram making donuts. I bet they are the best, homemade donuts are wonderful, especially made by a pro like her.

  2. What a great find! I have always wanted a cabinet with a ton of drawers for storage. I actually found one years ago on vacation in Minnesota- I think the town was Exeter. I couldn't buy it because I live in California. Oh, yeah, and the fact that is was $2000. Your $20 investment is much better.

  3. Such luck! That was a great find! Love it!