Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garage Sale Chronicles #8

It's Saturday which means Goodwill and Garage sales for me and Karate classes for my son.

Lucky me our Dojo next to a Goodwill.  Oh, lucky me!

Today's Goodwill purchases.  
A beautiful china creamer (to be made into a pin cushion), a carnival glass coal bin shaped glass without the handle (it challenged me to create a handle for it) and a Yellowstone Park spool holder rocking chair made of cedar (Tell me you can't imagine it sitting on the shelf along with other park souvenirs just waiting to be picked out and brought back to another state as a reminder of the trip!  I always bought fuzzy black bears and cubs who always lost their fuzziness after a few years.)

I stopped at a garage sale later in the day.  A woman was selling a lot of her excess scrapbooking stash.  I wasn't able to pass it up even though I have no specific purpose for any of it at the moment.  I'll just add it to the studio and it'll get used.

All the items from the pictures above and below were in a big clear plastic toolbox!

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