Sunday, October 30, 2011

Garage Sale Chronicles - 3rd Edition

I got up early on Saturday and headed up to an Estate Sale up in Cold Spring, MN.  Once again I got a number of good jewelry pieces to repurpose.  Unfortunately or fortunately, when I got back to the studio and checked out the goods, many of the rhinestone pieces were signed by Weiss or Kramer.  I can't repurpose such lovely things.  Anyway, here's what I picked up....

A gorgeous gold beaded bag, tag inside says handmade in Hong Kong
Ah, some lovely vintage tags!

12 mini trays.  Funny, I picked up 6 identical ones at a sale a couple of weeks ago.  These are perfect in the studio for setting out beading projects.

Oh, the things I can do with these!

Weiss dangles!

Marked as very early Kramer.  These rhinestones really sparkle.


I plan to use these as anchor pieces to some simple rosary necklaces.

Unmarked, but fun nevertheless.

Kramer at their finest!  
This beauty really, really sparkles.  The prong settings are so wonderful.  You can really tell this is really high end.  The necklace is really heavy. Really :-)

Unsigned, I think these may end up as rings.
Oh, these were the first things I repurposed. I'll be posting my necklace soon!

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