Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Garage Sale Chronicles - 2nd Edition

Bling. Bling. Bling. A girl's best friend.
Gotta Love it!

I typed in Vintage Jewelry on Craig's list and low and behold this lovely estate sale ad popped up!  How can you pass up calling on this one?  Read it and weep.  Sally was great to deal with and really didn't strain my budget too much.  It made me sad to hear her say she had already sold much of the estate's jewelry at a church garage sale, including signed vintage pins from the 30s through the 40s.   Wahhhhhh.....

"Bling on a budget = vintage jewelry! I am helping to liquidate the estates of 4 elderly women in my of whom never married and worked at Donaldsons...where she used her employee discount to buy jewelry for herself and her sisters. I literally have suitcases full of jewelry-most of it costume, some real and much of it is BRAND NEW with the original tags! Some items go back to the Victorian and Flapper (roaring 20's) eras!!! Prices vary and range from $3-$50 with most items between 10-$20."

Here's just a quick glance at a few of thing I bought.  I hope to repurpose some of it.

Check out the large red stones in the ring in the box and the earrings at the top left!  
They sparkle and sparkle.  Gorgeous.

Aren't those two daisy flower pins just to die for?  

Beautiful rhinestone pieces.  I really love that spider!

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