Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Shower - Onesie decorating

Baby Shower Onesies

One last craft post from the recent baby shower.  We decorated onesies as our baby shower activity.  It was way more fun than a traditional unscramble all the words list!

It  really worked well to break the ice and everyone had a fun time.  

My sister and I brought a ton of craft supplies to the party and everyone had a lot to choose from!

What to bring:  
Onesies - I bought a few less than the number of attendees because I thought not everyone wanted to do one.  I was wrong and ran short.  I bought a variety of sizes.  T-shirts for a little older would be fun also. I mean really, how many onesies does a baby need?

Fat squares or spare fabric, Ribbon, fabric paint, buttons, precut iron on shapes, sequins, lace, stamps,  rick rack.

Sewing supplies: multi-colored thread, scissors, needles

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  1. Great idea! We have a new baby coming into the family in about 6 months, might have to do this for the shower.