Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yardstick art

SCORE! I triumph once again at a garage sale.
I was having fun haggling with the gentleman running the garage sale when my little eyes spied a bundle of 2 dozen yard sticks leaning against the wall.  The guy told me that he was paying $150 a month to store his mother's estate goods and was finally putting it all up for sale.  Well, from that statement alone I knew he'd take anything offered for what he had on sale.  We'd already bickered for a number of other things and I was mostly getting things for 1/2 off his asking price.  I told him he could just throw the bundle in for free and he countered with a dollar.  How great was that?  So naturally I offered $.50 and he countered with $.75 saying he had to win just once.  I ponied up $.75 and went VERY HAPPILY on my way.

 My nephew Brad was more than willing to assist me in the studio stapling them unto a old white board my son had scribbled all over with permanent marker.  Time to repurpose.

Brad diligently planned the color scheme of the sticks.  We hung the star on a nail but figured we could replace it with other vintage holiday items throughout the year!

Score!  Total $.75  Would you have bought them?


  1. Oh yes, I would have bought, I've been looking for some of these. I love what you did with them! I'm you're newest follower, I'm new to so stop over and visit.

  2. I would have bought them for the dollar. :) Sounds like you had fun and it certainly is an eye-catcher. way to go!

  3. What an awesome find! Love the colors!!! Off to pin this cute idea too!