Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal Button Bouquets

A new bridal tradition in my family.  

I have made the three most recent brides in my family a button bouquet made in part with their great grandmother's and grandmother's button collection.  Two nieces used them as rehearsal bouquets and then placed the arrangement by the guestbook during the wedding itself.  On the bouquet above I added soldered charms of the bride and groom's pictures and wedding date to the end of ribbons that hung down.

They are easy to make but fairly time consuming.  I loop white floral wire through buttons and twist to hold them stable.  I wrap the wire in floral tape, but don't cut the wire to length until after I have finished arranging the bouquet.  I add white ribbon around the stems to make holding the bouquet feel wonderful.  Adding short lengths of ribbon twisted in the same way as the bottoms to form ribbon leaves and adding some simple crystal flowers really add that bit of glamor to the final product.

This bride asked for as much color as possible and she actually used it as her wedding bouquet.

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