Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seeking Interior Design Help!

There is a terrific blog called Common Ground that has offered to give advice for those difficult design challenges and their challenged owners.

Boy,  do I need their  help!

I have a very unique space in our home that I cannot figure out how to even begin making it functional and inviting.

The home was custom built by someone else in 1985.  I've been told it is fashioned after what is called an envelope design. 

As a result the front of the house is actually an enclosed porch that runs the length on both levels.

The porch has large rooms on each end with a narrow walkway in-between the rooms and there are windows everywhere! 

The house is in Minnesota and has a very up northwards look.  The front of the house gently slopes down to a beautiful river allowing you to have great views from this porch.

Here are the issue.  By design, this area insulates the main living areas of the house from the extreme Minnesota seasons. In the heat of the summer or the extreme cold of the winter, quilted shades can be lowered to keep out the heat or keep in the heat.
That said, these rooms are fantastic to be in when the weather is cooperating, but impossible to be in when it's not.

There are extremely tall vaulted ceilings and as I said before large windows everywhere.

The end "room" of the porch in the picture above has a sliding glass door to our master bedroom suite.  I've added a small coffee bar, refridge, microwave, and bottled water at that end to make a small kitchenette off the bedroom.  I like that area.  Above is a picture.  Although, I have to admit the air conditioner is an eyesore.

The design challenge begins with the length hall is in front of 4 large windows and the room at the other end of the porch.  The two wooden rocking chairs are getting ruined from being in the sun and heat.

What can I do to make this more inviting and up to date?  There are two shuttered windows in this room that look into my husband's office. 

I would like love to be able to sit comfortably and take in the great view. As you can see the windows sit table height so seating needs to be fairly high on the other side of the room so that you can see down at the river vs just the sky.

The yellow couch as seen it's better days.  I'd be happy to recover it given some advice on style and color.  The wicker could easily go or be spray painted, but it's not very comfortable.

I guess given the great room of the house and master bedroom is all cedar, the only thing that I don't want to change is the ceiling and walls.  If you click on my sanctuary post on this blog you can see the interior great room.  My craft studio is in a loft in the great room.

I would love some advice on flooring, curtains (if any, we have no neighbors within view so no need to cover up these great windows), and furniture.

I would love to do an updated rustic like you'd see in Texas, Montana or out east.

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  1. What a great house you have! My suggestion for your design problem would be to add red, possibly paint the wicker chairs and then some mis-matched pillows with red in them. Maybe more of a barn red.