Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you a Magpie? Shiny Objects in a Christmas Shadow Box

I am a Magpie. Magpies collect shiny objects; therefore, I am a Magpie.
I have boxes in my studio of shiny, rusty, dented, old, broken, perfect, soft, hard, lost and now found objects.
During Christmas vacation I made this shadow box filled with Christmas related finds. At garage and estate sales, do you buy little oddities, just because they speak to you somewhere in your soul? Do you look at something and say "that's cool"? Do you smile a secret smile and think to yourself "I can do something with that!" Well, you may be a magpie too.
What's in my shadow box? Rhinestones, glitter, antique plastic nativity pieces, antique ribbon, and vintage everything! I loaded up this shadow with all the pieces I love.
Let's play find the object:
  • Salt and Pepper shakers with awesome enameled tops.
  • A circle rhinestone belt bucket
  • Three gold angel figurines playing violin, trumpet, and bass
  • Three silver napkin rings
  • A sterling silver bell
  • A length of tatted lace


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