Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Support our Troops

While shopping at Twin Cities Bead Bazaar, I stopped at Green Girl Studios booth to pick up some more of their fabulous skulls.

My former Marine husband has been wearing a paracord bracelet with a Green Girl skull woven in for quite some time now.  After I made his, all his buddies wanted them as well.  It made me aware of something simple I could do to support and thank our troops.

I travel quite a bit for my "real job" and as I walk through airports and see a service man or woman I typically stop and thank them for their service.  About a year ago, I started clipping bracelets to my backpack and began offering them up as I shook hands.  I've never once had any soldier turn me down.  In fact, all seem to really appreciate the gesture.

I can't tell you how many of these soldiers tell me they are on their way to the  middle east, some really ugly hot spots.  I am so proud of them and I sincerely hope they all make it back to the US and their families safe and sound.

At the Green Girl booth, I told the gentleman there what I was doing.  It turned out to be Greg Ogden himself and he promptly contributed a handful of skulls to support my efforts.  Thanks, Greg and Green Girl!

Greg Ogden....of course I made him pose for a picture!

These bracelets are simple macram√© square knots using 550 paracord with side release buckles.   Tyingitalltogether has posted a large number of video tutorials on YouTube if you need some instruction.
I purchase paracord in multiple colors from Supply Captain with great success.  I get side release buckles from Create Designworks.

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