Saturday, November 12, 2011

Garage Sale Chronicles - 4th Edition

I have been to numerous wonderful estate and garage sales in the last two weeks.  Here are some of my treasures.

These two quilts were $10 a piece.  I figure if I even used them as picnic blankets they were worth that much.

The jewelry supplies above were a great deal at $5.  Not shown is a ring stretcher retail priced at $60..  I purchased this stuff and after I got home I realized I had 18 weird metal disks in the bag with the ring sizer.  I figured that they had something to do with rings and forming or measuring so I searched the net for what they could possibly be for.  I landed on a ring stretcher and I vaguely remembered seeing it but not knowing what it was.  I stopped back a few days later to return the disks and the lady gifted me with the missing part.  SCORE!

Oh, the red beads on the necklace above are going to be transitioned into something really fine.  The Sarah Conventry earrings will be great on a necklace.

Rhinestones, Rhinestones!

A better shot of the necklace above. Cool blues and purple rhinestones.

Earrings, marked Weiss!

  I wonder how old this beauty is?

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