Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spool Journal Necklace

Old spool?  Miscellaneous found objects and a length of leather cord?  Hmmm. What would you do?  Spool Journal Necklace of course!

I threaded a vintage button with the leather cord and pulled it through the spool to begin the necklace.  Next I threaded a small elasticized brown ponytail holder through the spool which ended up creating a loop at the top and bottom.  I inserted an old key through the bottom loop and pulled it tight to the bottom of the spool by pulling the top loop.

I took strips of an aged paper and one strip from a dictionary and lightly burned the edges.  I thumb tacked the strips to the spool and wrapped the strips tightly around the spool making the journal.

By stretching the top loop of the pony tail down around the key at the bottom of the spool I can keep the journal pages securely around the spool.

In the picture to the left I also attached a little light bulb ala Susan Lenart Kazmer style.   There has to be a 100 different things that can be used to decorate these!  I just love the look of these journals and I hope you do too.

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