Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Original 1995 Apple Watch - For Sale

Back in the 1990's there was strong debate over which computing OS platform was the best.  Was it the Apple vs. PC? Some of you may remember those days.  I sure do.  My family was split.  I was a fan of the Microsoft OS because I was working in a "Corporation" supporting PCs, while several other members of my family were teachers in a "School" using Apple products.

Well the war has subsided over the years and no one really cares anymore.  However, back in 1995 my older brother thought it would be funny to give me an Apple watch.  I stashed in my jewelry box and promptly forgot about it.

However, the joke may be on him!  With the release of the new Apple watch, some of these old promotional watches from OS 7.5 have surfaced and sold for up to $2,000 based on the condition.

So I am putting my prestine, unworn, been hiding in my jewelry box gift, up on the worldwide web for sale.  I hope someone will love it and enjoy the story behind it.

To purchase follow this link

P.S. I tried to use Big Cartel for a shopping cart, but Google isn't returning it in a search so I'm posting this entry to see if that works.  Test time!

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