Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Young Man's Adventures

Oh what fun it is to mess with my son. 
One of my recent estate sale purchases was this great old green tool box. I dug through my studio and filled it full of antique "adventure findings"….shark teeth, antique bottles filled with mystery, a rabbits foot, shells, measuring and examination instruments and other cool things.

I brought it to my 12-year-old son and told him a lengthy story about how his great-great-uncle Ebenezer on his dad's side had died and left it with us.  I had just found it and remembered that he felt all young men should have adventures and that my son should have it when he was 12. 

He was terrified and stared at the contents for a long while without saying a thing. I guess I succeeded in getting the tone of the contents to be equal parts creepy and old world curiosity…...Perfect score. 

I now call it the creepy box.  
If he doesn't mind his mom, he has to open the creepy box!

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