Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garage Sale Chronicles #11 - Books and Butterflies

My latest find was a color plate book of Renoir prints.  Opposite each print is a short "review of the artwork by a leading scholar of the times."  I bought it for $8.00.  I thought it was expensive until a realized if I was actually at a museum the price would have certainly been 10 times that!

I continued to dug through the pile of old books and found the beauty above.  Aren't the colors and gilding wonderful?  I  briefly thought of doing an altered book, but the thought vanished quickly as I realized it didn't need altering at all!

Tucked into a box of sewing notions that contained a fabulous pink tatting shuttle, was an envelope containing this set of butterflies.  Won't they look great framed up?  I can't decide if I want to frame them together, individually, or create silver bezels and use them in jewelry.  I think I'll just consider the $2.00 spent on the box as the cost of the tatting shuttle and these are FREE.  Thoughts about ideas to use them?

I haven't taken a real close look but the wings look real and the bodies appear to be printed paper.  The detail on the bodies appears to simulate the real colors and patterns.

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