Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flaxseed Foot Warmers

I originally made some mircowaveable foot warmers about 15 years ago using flannel and feed corn.  I've been seeing them on again and thought I'd make a few.  Surely my relatives who received them 15 years ago needed replacements!

I saw these owls from The Londoner and set about finding all the supplies.  Since they are going in the microwave, I wanted all cotton fabric.  All the really soft stuff at Joann Fabrics was poly so I purchased a high end soft towel at Walmart and 3lbs of flaxseed.  Since flaxseed smells sort of earthy when heated, I added a bit of my candle scent to make it smell better.  I created the face from bits of felt and hand sewed them on.

I was able to make 3 owls, a small rectangle one, and 6 hand warmers out of one towel.  Feed corn, rice or beans can be used to fill, but I really liked the feel of the flaxseed.

To make the handwarmers, I simply cut squares and adorned them with some crocheted flowers I picked up at a garage sale.  Someone had been meaning to make something but didn't quite finish.

My sister started an afghan with the multi-colored one below, but got discouraged by all the color changes.

I brought an owl to my mother who is 85 years old and always cold and she loved it.  My son grabbed one and has been carrying it around warm all weekend.  Even my husband snagged one!  So I guess they were a hit.

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  1. Jana, love all your projects! What fun... and including your mom in your blog was a "smile catcher". Have a question.... when do you sleep?
    ha ha