Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage games litter garage sales and I always snatch them up.  I love them. At first I hesitated to cut them in order to make these journals, but my hoard of boards began to overflow.  I figure with such common games I wasn't really jeopardizing my son's  "I'll sell mom's precious antiques" college fund!

I just cut these into different sizes on a band saw.  I did put a bit of thought into how I cut them so that I got nicest graphics.  I also considered what I wanted on the front and back and made the cuts so I got the front and back oriented correctly.

I taped the sides simply with colored tape from the hardware store.  My preference would have been to use bookbinding tape, but I didn't have any handy.

I took a ream of paper (yes, another garage sale purchase) and my boards to my local print shop and asked the owner to drill the holes for me.  I figure that really saved me a lot of time.  And, she traded me her work for one of the finished notebooks.  Score!  I added notebook rings from the office supply store and my journals are complete.  The rings were actually the most expensive item in this project.  These make great gifts.  My son snatched one up quicker than lightening when my back was turned.  Next thing I knew it was filled with his best Pokemon drawings!

I plan on making a charm bracelet with the game tokens soon, so stay tuned!

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